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The Secretary
Cheviot Sheepbreeders' Association Australia
Peter Simpson  |  Tel: 02 6921 1271

'Chain Gate' RMB 404 Oura Road
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

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Peter Simpson                                                 
Flock: 146 (Established 1957)

Chain Gate RMB 404 Oura Road Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Phone: (02) 69211271 -  0407240954



FLOCK SIZE: Join approx 80 stud ewes each year.


PROPERTY DETAILS: Chain Gate is located 5km from Wagga Wagga on Murrumbidgee River flats. The average rainfall is 570mm. Rainfall tends to have a slight winter dominance.  Average summer temperatures are about 30°C but can exceed 400C.  Winter temperatures average about 13oC with frosts common.


WHY I BREED CHEVIOTS: We started to breed Cheviots in 1957 when they were a very popular terminal sire, but have continued to breed them because they are an easy care breed.  Cheviots are highly adaptable and can handle quite a range of climatic extremes. They have hard black feet so foot problems are very rare. They are very fertile and lamb without assistance. The lambs are small but very active and are able to suckle quickly. 

Roger Wilkinson                                                    
Flock 364 (Founded 1974)

STUD NAME: Spion Kop

“Warrumyea”, Wangoom, VIC 3279


03 5567 1037 or 0427 115 224



FLOCK SIZE: 50 to 60 ewes


PROPERTY DETAILS: ”Warrumyea” sits at the junction of the Hopkins River and Mount Emu Creek, just out of Warrnambool in South West Victoria. It is gently rolling country on the edge of the Victorian Volcanic Plain.


WHY I BREED CHEVIOTS: ”My great uncle, Aubrey Saunders, founded the Spion Kop Cheviot stud in 1948 and my family has been breeding Cheviots ever since. I like their no-nonsense approach to life, their alertness and independent streak, and their hardiness and robustness. I cross Cheviots with Romneys to produce ewes for my commercial crossbred flock and have found they also cross well with Merinos to produce a fine-woolled first cross ewe. Over the years I have worked to enhance the wool on my Cheviots, aiming to improve the character and handle while retaining the distinctive bulk and springiness.

John Armstrong and Neil Hopkins 
Flock: 385 (Founded 1980)

Grayoaks  PO Box 65 Metung VIC 3904

Phone: 03 5156 2668

Mobile: 0417 009 285



Rob and Kristy Waddell                                 
Flock: 394 (Founded 1986)

Grand Ridge 38 Seaview Post Office Road Seaview VIC 3821

Phone: 03 5626 4244

Mobile: 0419 006 176


FLOCK SIZE: 50 to 60 ewes

PROPERTY DETAILS:  Our flock is located in 1200mm rainfall hill country in the Strzelecki Ranges approximately 20 minutes south of Warragul, West Gippsland, Victoria.

WHY I BREED CHEVIOTS: We breed Cheviot sheep for their ability to handle the very wet conditions of our property. Despite the very high rainfall, we have very few foot problems due to the hard black feet of the Cheviot. The ewes are exceptional mothers that generally produce about a 150% lambing with the lambs born easily and quickly on their feet to suckle. If we don’t tag the lambs within 24 hours of birth, they are quite hard to catch! We are finding a ready local market for surplus ewes and rams, while the wethers are sold privately via the abattoir for home consumption.

Roger Wilkinson and Diana Underwood.

 Flock 403 (Founded 1993)

“Warrumyea” Wangom VIC 3279

Phone:  03 556671037  - 0427115224 


Andrew Ferrington & Deb Ware               
Flock: 423 (Established 2012)

Gallimarfry PO Box 309 Fitzroy VIC 3065

Phone: 0411 157 558




FLOCK SIZE: 20 to 30 ewes



PROPERTY DETAILS:  We’re located in Central Victoria, near Kyneton. With an elevation of about 600m and annual rainfall of about 600mm.



WHY I BREED CHEVIOTS: The Cheviots are well suited to the cold winters and hot summers and their hard feet suit the steep, rocky hills on our land.  Why Cheviots? I love their personality - they are independent, lively, self-sufficient and clever. This all makes for handful in sheep, but they’re great and our fences have never been better!

Fletcher & Felicity Waddell                                             
(Founded 2014)

Seaview 38 Seaview Post Office Rd Seaview VIC 3824​


Pamela  MOORE                                             
Flock: 427 (Established 2015)

Sequoia 2572 McDonalds Track, Thorpdale VIC 3835 

Phone: (03) 5634 7620


Web site:


FLOCK SIZE: Less than 20



PROPERTY DETAILS:  Redwood Farm is located in the Strzelecki Ranges, West Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. A picture-perfect location, with a high rainfall and lovely fertile, red soil. I am currently setting up a Biosecurity system for my closed flock.



WHY I BREED CHEVIOTS: I carried out a lot of research before deciding on the Cheviot breed for my flock.  They are hardy, foragers, their feet will withstand the high rainfall here without a problem with foot rot.  They have a lovely stance, intelligent, erect ears, clean face and legs – “a regal look”.  I chose them for their dual purpose, to have future ‘farm gate’ sales, for both meat, pets, lawn mowers and fleece sales.  I am currently experimenting with spinning the raw, long staple which is also ideal for wet and needle felting.

Bobby Ahmadi                                                                

1734 O'Connell Road, O'Connell  NSW 2795

Phone: 02 9604 1155

Mobile: 0422 059 751




David & Sara Gormley-O'Brien                    

56 Blackmore Rd Wooden VIC 3442

Phone: 02 5427 4628

Mobile: 0408 578 032


Rosalie Wrest and Maurice Frater                    

333 Brookleigh Rd, Strathbogie, VIC, 3666

Phone: 0488105396,  0498323044



WHY I BREED CHEVIOTS: Our aim is to establish a flock of stud quality; suited to our “tableland” conditions; and characterized by high lamb survival rates, prime meat quality, and long staple with crimp wool suited to spinning.​

Sue Curliss & Geoff Martin                                             
Flock: 42 6 (2016)

STUD NAME: Sugargum

191 Angees Road  Elaine   Vic   3334

Phone: 0407048864, 0409182841


Web site:


FLOCK SIZE: 2 rams & 10 ewes



PROPERTY DETAILS:  We are located at Elaine which is midway between Ballarat & Geelong.



WHY I BREED CHEVIOTS: Our primary aim is to assist in the preservation of heritage breeds.

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