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The Secretary
Cheviot Sheepbreeders' Association Australia
Peter Simpson |  Tel: 02 6921 1271

'Chain Gate' RMB 404 Oura Road
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

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Head: Polled, medium size, wide forehead, free of all wool, covered with fine white hair and sometimes the odd black spot.
Eyes: Dark in colour, and with sparkling appearance. 
Ears: Carried fairly erect, well covered with white hair, both inside and outside, with odd black spots sometimes showing.
Neck: Strong, and of fair length.
Shoulders: Well set with plenty of heart room.
Chest: Wide and deep.
Back: Straight and fleshy 
Ribs: Well-sprung with a good loin. 
Hind Quarters: Broad, well-turned rump, with a well-filled leg. 
Legs: Short, set well apart, and covered with white hair 
Feet: Black.
Skin: Healthy pink colour.
Carriage: Very alert and stylish. 
Wool: 28-33 microns. Dense and springy, even, free from harshness and kemp.
General Appearance: A square-set, compact, white-faced sheep displaying a very alert carriage.

Breed Description

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